The Shed

The Dutschke brand, originally Willow Bend, started all the way back in 1990, however it wasn’t until 2003/2004 that the Shed was built here atop Gods Hill.

The first Vintage made in the Shed was 2005. A classic vintage with great results, this was also the first year we produced our Sami Cabernet, with Sami herself being just one year old.

More than a decade on, the Shed has been the jack of all trades – it keeps us cool as we work long hours during hot Vintages, it transforms into a dining hall, into a Cellar Door, and then back in to a winery. While big, there’s never enough space, and it’s often a decision between hosting folk or working on the barrels.

Fortunately, just behind our Shed is the old town water tank, which we’re upcycling into a brand new Cellar Door. Stay tuned!