The Shed

The Dutschke brand, originally Willow Bend, started all the way back in 1990 with Wayne and his grape growing uncle, Ken, at the helm. During winemaking stints both interstate and overseas, wine was made and barrels were stored in the corners of various barrel sheds alongside other winemaker’s wines. In 1998 Wayne joined the Cellarmaster Wines team, moving the collection of Willow Bend barrels to a new home, and it was then too that great interest in the USA for good Barossa reds began and the Dutschke brand was created. After Vintage 2001 Wayne left the winemaking team at Cellarmasters to focus totally on the Dutschke drop and parked the collection of barrels at Saltram Winery, that had at that time been made available to small brands requiring processing and storage space. In 2003 Wayne and Brenda moved out when the “eviction notice” was given to all of the tenants, as Saltrams decided to use the space for their own purposes once again. Fair enough! So with the help of some local tradies, The Shed was born in October 2004 here atop Gods Hill Road and all of the barrels were moved in. Vintage equipment was purchased, and the first Vintage made in The Shed was 2005. A classic vintage with great results!

In October 2019 the Shed turned 15 years old. If these walls could talk, they’d speak of 15 unique vintages giving us challenge and delight. They’d recount late night festivities of hosted dinners and celebrations, tell the tale of our annual Cellar Door Open where visitors from far and wide come to see and enjoy what we do, and speak endlessly of the quiet days of Wayne and the team chipping away at the trade we’re so passionate about.
Every man needs a Shed, and this one’s done the job perfectly.