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2017 80 Block Merlot


In the early 1980s Barossa grape growers were introduced to a new grape variety called Merlot. Although Merlot was already a world recognised variety and responsible for the makeup of some of the most premium wines, up until then it had not been planted here in the Barossa. With that, Uncle Ken (Semmler) being somewhat of a pioneer of the day decided to put it to the test by planting a small patch on the St. Jakobi Vineyard in 1980.

We’re excited to produce a straight varietal Merlot from the St Jakobi vineyard. It’s a variety that is typically used for blending with its big brother Cabernet Sauvignon, but can also produce wonderful wine on its own, deep in colour, with distinctive perfumed dark berry fruit, hints of tomato leaf aromatics and mouth-filling flavours. With a smart use of supporting oak one can find that the resulting wine is rich and complex.

The 2017 Vintage brings our 7th release of Merlot. Typically harvested a little later than Shiraz, the 2017 Vintage was a little unusual with the Merlot ripening a week or so ahead of the Shiraz. Great depth of flavour and colour was achieved with the cooler year. The 80 Block Merlot from the St Jakobi vineyard again produced a wine that we are proud of. Full in flavour with generous red berry fruits on the palate and nose. Good acid and tannin balance will to allow this wine to age gracefully for many years to come.

We trust you’ll enjoy it!

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