The Bourbon Barrel

The Bourbon Barrel Tawny

I have great memories of many years ago filling Tawny into used whiskey barrels imported in from the USA. As the Tawny went in, the wonderfully rich whiskey aromas filled the air and when revisiting these barrels some time later, the old Tawny inside showed the distinct flavours of the spirit that had originally been in those casks. Added to that were the typical, beautifully aged rancio Tawny characters you’d expect to taste.
Some years ago we decided to relive this memory by importing a number of used Bourbon barrels from Kentucky, USA, and filling these with a special Tawny. These barrels have made a home in our dusty fortified shed and are maturing gracefully.

Here’s the result!

We trust you’ll enjoy it.

Winemaker: Wayne Dutschke
Vineyard: A number of local Lyndoch vineyards
Region: Lyndoch, Barossa Valley, South Australia
Varieties: Various varieties including Grenache, Shiraz, Pedro, Frontignac, Muscadelle and Chardonnay
Alcohol: 21.0%
Oak Maturation: Aged for many years in old fortified barrels before further ageing in freshly used Bourbon barrels

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