Old Codger
Fine Old Tawny

The Old Codger

My first job after completing high school was working in an old cellar in the Barossa Valley filling and stacking port barrels with an “Old Codger” (old man). Each day the two of us would finish work with a glass of port and share a few stories. What a civilised way to finish the day!

Over the years we have put together a Solera of old fortified wines. It is from this Solera that we have prepared the blend of tawny port that we call “Old Codger”.

“Old Codger Fine Old Tawny” is a blend of many fortified wines from barrels that have been collecting dust in our shed for many years. It shows great complexity and has much rancio butterscotch like flavours, a result of blending the older fortifieds with the younger fresher components. Blending using a Solera system gives consistency to the style and quality from year to year.

A wonderful combination of flavours, best consumed anytime with good friends. We trust you’ll enjoy it!


Winemaker: Wayne Dutschke
Vineyard: Many
Region: Barossa Valley and other regions of South Australia
Varieties: Various varieties including: Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot, Grenache, Verdelho, Pedro, Frontignac, Chardonnay and Muscadelle
Alcohol: 18.5%
Oak Maturation: Aged for many years in oak barrels of various sizes, mainly Hogsheads (300 litres) and Barriques (225 litres)
Cellaring potential: Best consumed within 2-3 years after bottling


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