Last Days of Dutschke

Last Days of DutschkePriceless $550

We created these museum dozens before our cellar door but decided not to release them on line until after.  Only 50 dozen remain at $550 each and limited to 1 order per person. Each Last Days of Dutschke holds the full range of Dutschke reds from vintages 2000 to 2018 (does not include the 2018 Oscar Semmler or 2018 Circa Centum).

Includes any and/or multiple vintages of the following:  Oscar Semmler Shiraz, St Jakobi Shiraz, GHR Shiraz, Sami Cabernet, Jackson Cab Shiraz, WillowBend Shiraz Merlot Cab*, Uncle Shiraz Merlot Cab* and 80 Block Merlot.

*percentages of blends will vary.