Dutschke Wines News

There wouldn’t be too many weekends that pass without a note from someone, somewhere in the world, enjoying a bottle of Dutschke.
Over the years we’ve heard from many folks as they open a bottle and share their special occasion – and written review – with us.
We’ve enjoyed reading each and every one of these, even if it’s been a text at midnight saying how good the second and third bottle have also been.

Peter Edwards from Adelaide is, without a doubt, the biggest repeat offender.

Over the years he has sent us dozens of photos and reviews, as he opens bottles that he has carefully cellared.
With his permission, we have published a selection of these on our website. To Peter, and everyone else who has phoned or emailed a review over the years, we appreciate the passion and connection you have with us and our wines.


Well well well, it’s “Greenock” (2008) time with a nice lamb loin chop. (Pics below)

I know you said not to keep this little gem from you and Brett for tooo long, but I couldn’t help it (ha, maybe I’ve got the 270th doz of the batch 🙂) …..

Anyway, here we are 12yrs down the track and after a minor decant, it still smacks of the original bottling. Thought you should know that.

If I remember, you said the fermantation underwent some different maceration process? Made me very curious and I feel suitably rewarded.

As expected, it now has a more savoury mouthfeel. No cardboard or vinegar here (you fellas must wear real leather crushing boots🤣). The varietal characteristics are still very prominent. Smooth with plenty of length also.

Regards to grower Brett too.

GHR 2018

Couldn’t rest with this slowcooker stuff.

No deer in the forest today.

I stuffed up the venison in my first experience of the slowcooker on Sat night. Luckily we had some ’08 St Jakobi to placate our palates.

So today, making do with a lamb shoulder steeped in Greek herbs etc … seared it in pan and added some fresh thyme floating in a half cup of GHR shiraz.

Superb results (the lamb was nice too 🤣). No GHR left now, sorry.

Ah well, another advocate pic for the archives 😊


Jackson 2018

Hullo again Wayne

No need to answer this but we thought a little red contrast be in order with a nice steak tonight … courtesy of the great storyteller Jackson Purple Hands.

Pictures may tell you how we enjoyed this blend.

I have to say, Liesl (usually the “bubbles” fan) was absolutely sold on your Oscar last night and felt similarly with the Jackson this evening. She also soaked up the ’13 Sami recently too 🙂

One would think a professional harpist would know something 🍷🍷🎶

Keep up the good work

Oscar 2012

Couldn’t help but send a few pics of this lovely dark inky stuff …

beautiful balance of fruit, tanins and length at this stage.







Sami 2018

A note of appreciation for your time, warmth and attention with Liesl and I yesterday.

You do it well, and for us it started with Ambassador Lloyd (chardy king?🤣).

I love The Shed environment but also, we can’t speak highly enough of The Tank, with pianola, the video, the historical vintages and joey kangaroos to compliment.

We particularly appreciated being able to relate with regard to family and careers etc. Life is good if we run with it at each stage.

Enough philosophy 😳

Today? Oops, we walked in your door again! Well, as I said there, my son Sam (Aldinga Osteo) got a bit excited overnight about some Oscar as well as the Jakobi for his budding cellar. So glad we could call by and collect that. He’s in “cellar land”🤣.

You fellas were very generous with us and that was not expected but thankyou.

Chardy while watching 007 last night in the ageing but clean and roomy Lyndoch Hill facility.

Sami tonight over a nice steak, excellent.